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Sports Betting Sites

One of the rapidly growing trends among sports fans today is online sports betting. Many have made enviable wins while many more have made mind boggling losses, and still many more play with the hope of winning big. The sure thing is that every once in a while, someone goes home with quite a stash. But there are a few tricks to getting the best out of your bet.

Choose a legit, reputable, and ethical betting site is paramount Read More...

Spread Betting Top Sites

Spread betting can either be financial or sports based. Sports spread betting has gained popularity in the recent past as a convenient, profitable and fun way to make a little extra cash on the side. When looking for a sport spread betting website you must ensure that they are legitimate, financially secure and regulated by the relevant bodies. Here are a few of the top sports spread betting sites that you might want to try out.

Spreadex Sports

Spreadex sport is one of the few well loved sports betting sites in the UK. Once you open an account with this website you can be assured of an iPad air that you can use to keep track of your bets. When you apply you also stand to get two £100 bets and one £100 bet if you bet on doubles. This website is fully licensed and regulated by the FSA and is therefore a legitimate betting site. All the betting operations are managed from a single portal to streamline everything and make it easier for clients. With its numerous exclusive offers, Spreadex is definitely a top contender in this category. Read More...

Scottish Sports Association Tel: 0844 850 0143

Scotland is known for a lot of good things, but top on that list is the passion for sports. To demonstrate that sports are a national passion, more than 900,000 people are members in the country’s 13,000+ sports clubs. Sports are Scotland’s best social movement, and it includes all genders, ages, races, creeds and sexuality. Sport is the one thing that unites all of Scotland’s communities and acts as a national inspiration.

Did you know that sports are so important that the government launched a National Sports Strategy to promote sports? Well, it is focused on creating a culture that values and appreciates sports for the pleasure and pride it gives the people and the recognition it brings the country. In striving to achieve this, the strategy involves invigoration of a Scotland vision where: Read More...


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