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Sports Betting Sites

One of the rapidly growing trends among sports fans today is online sports betting. Many have made enviable wins while many more have made mind boggling losses, and still many more play with the hope of winning big. The sure thing is that every once in a while, someone goes home with quite a stash. But there are a few tricks to getting the best out of your bet.

Choose a legit, reputable, and ethical betting site is paramount

Choose a game whose rules and teams you understand

Choose a team whose winning chances are high

Look out for offers and promotions that will give you a lot more to bet with

Always be safe, secure and responsible when placing bets

How to Find the Best Sports Betting Site

When thinking of online gaming, it is important to keep in mind that you can easily encounter fraudsters. If you are a novice online better, you are especially at risk. But to get you started on the right path, only bet on sites that have been approved and licensed by The UK Gambling Commission. Before you settle on any one site, it is important to check out their licensing details as well as their experience in the betting world. You do not want to bet on a site that has a reputation of being unethical and fraudulent. Now, let us look at the top 5 betting sites that every sports fan can consider.

Top 10 Sports Betting Sites to Bookmark In 2016

  This site offers up to £200 in free bets and it is mobile friendly. It is perfect for pretty much any sports event, and it is secured by VeriSign.
  This licensed site gives a bonus of $200 on sports betting, allows live betting and is mobile friendly and secure.
  With 50% bonuses of up to $1000 and $25 free play for live betting, this site is mobile friendly and allows live betting.
  The site gives you a chance to bet on any sport as well as any other online game such as poker, Bingo, Casino etc. It is also mobile friendly and you can enjoy live betting.
  If you are into horseracing, this is definitely the site for you. With a free bet of up to £50 and secured by Verisign, you can participate in live betting through your mobile device.
  This is quite popular with premier league fans, and gives a free bet of up to £25. It is also secure and is mobile friendly.
5 Dime
  This mobile friendly site supports live betting and gives a 50% bonus of up to $520 with a variety of wagering options and quick payouts.
  Voted as 2015 overall best betting site in the UK, Betway supports live betting, is mobile friendly. It gives 100% bonuses, but capped at $200.
  This is a secure site that gives mobile betters $50 free play in addition to live betting. It also gives 50% bonus and is perfect for all your sports betting needs.
  This is a site that is popular with American football fans although you can also engage in horse racing and other gaming activities. It is secured by Thawte and gives a free bet of up to £25

Remember These Points

Do not be surprised to learn that not everyone is concerned with your well being. Everyone is out to make money and not many will do it ethically. This means that you have to be careful with the choices you make to avoid being scammed. The good thing is that you can always do a background check on any particular site before committing yourself.

Sites with a bad reputation or with vague and unclear yet limiting payout terms are a definite red flag. Some of the most notorious frauds are known to offer very small amounts in payouts. Be wary of endless glorious reviews as well. Make sure you do your research using unbiased reviews. Here are some pointers on how to pick the best site.

What a good betting site should have

A simple, easy to navigate interface

Numerous promotions and offers

Easy betting process

Live streaming and allow live betting

Numerous sports in which to bet in numerous markets

Stay Away From Sites That Are

Painfully slow and hard to navigate

Those that have no special features and options

Those with little or nonexistent bonuses and offers

Those with small market range

Remember to check out sites that are reputed for your preferred sports. There are sites that are dedicated to horseracing while another is dedicated to premier leagues betting. Before you settle for any one site, look at what they are offering and see if it matches what you want. 



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