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Representing the interests of sports in Scotland!

Scottish Sports Association Tel: 0844 850 0143

Scotland is known for a lot of good things, but top on that list is the passion for sports. To demonstrate that sports are a national passion, more than 900,000 people are members in the country’s 13,000+ sports clubs. Sports are Scotland’s best social movement, and it includes all genders, ages, races, creeds and sexuality. Sport is the one thing that unites all of Scotland’s communities and acts as a national inspiration.

Did you know that sports are so important that the government launched a National Sports Strategy to promote sports? Well, it is focused on creating a culture that values and appreciates sports for the pleasure and pride it gives the people and the recognition it brings the country. In striving to achieve this, the strategy involves invigoration of a Scotland vision where:

Sports opportunities are readily available and widely enjoyed

Talent is sported and nurtured as early as possible

The country’s sportspeople achieve and sustain world class performances

What Is Scottish Sports Association?

This is the umbrella body for all of Scotland’s sports governing bodies. As the independent organization it is, SSA gives the Sports Governing Bodies (SGBs)’ volunteer and staff unbiased support that is vital to sports operations in the country. Many of the organizations under this association are run by volunteers on a not-for-profit basis.

Being the collective and independent voice of all sports SGB, SSA brings together industry players to ensure that policies are made and effectively implemented. In order to accomplish this, the association works with various partners such as sportscotland, local and national governments, the Scottish Parliament, businesses and other organizations to strengthen, shape and promote Scottish sports. 

SSA represents the interests of a range of sports enthusiasts, among them being full members (52) and associate members (18) as well as thousands of non members.  

Scotland's Sports Governing Bodies

Scottish Football Association Tel: 0844 850 0159

Do you fancy football? Then without a doubt you know the Scottish FA, the one body that exists only to foster development of the dame and promote it in the country at all levels. Scottish FA is responsible for promoting the game from the grassroots up to the world famous Scottish Cup holders!

Sport Scotland Tel: 0844 850 0160

This is the national sports agency in Scotland. The agency is involved in developing sports in learning institutions, supporting clubs and communities and training interested parties in performance sports. The agency also offers support services to all affiliated with physical activities to ensure development and promotion of sports.

Royal Yachting Association Scotland Tel: 0844 850 0161

The yachting association has two distinct roles: looking after the interests of all those associated with yachting and fulfilling its duties as a recognized body dealing in all sailing forms in Scotland. Yachting can be done by individuals and clubs as well as training centers and other affiliates. The association mainly deals with development and promotion of all forms of sailing.

Scottish Student Sport Tel: 0844 850 0162 

This is the body that coordinates all the physical and sports activities for all students. With a dynamic network of volunteers, staff and students, SSS has effectively created positive experiences and opportunities through sports and other physical activities across Scotland’s Colleges and Universities.

What the Scottish Sports Association Does

The association has a team that is dedicated to offer support services and shares expertise with members and sports enthusiasts across the country. Some of these services include the following:

Coordinated voice for members

This involves representing the members’ interests to stakeholders and other groups and forums as well as responding on behalf of the members when consultations are filed.

Proactive advocacy

On behalf of the members, the SSA influences favorable advocacy as a strategic sports partner. This express permission is granted by each member.

Support services to members

SSA offers collective and bespoke learning and development support services to members as well as facilitate knowledge sharing among members.

An informed one voice for all sports enthusiasts

There are services that are exclusive to members only. However, the SSA offers support to everyone including non-members. one of these services is being the informed voice that represents all sports enthusiasts as well as increasing awareness of why sports is a Scottish heritage.

The SSA works on building strategic partnerships so as to enhance the value of the their work and that of their members as well as increase opportunities for sports enthusiasts. The association also invites all parties that wish to add value to the sports industry through services such as volunteering. 

Why Does SSA Support Sports

Scotland is synonymous with world class performances, medals and awards. But far from the medals, sports is the one activity that unites Scotland as it involves everyone. It is also one of the best bets for change as it impacts countless areas of life such as health, education, and even justice. It is an effective tool for uniting, supporting and improving the society and the country at large.

Sports also liberate potential; it invites people in to try just for the fun of it or to be involved in a course greater than them. These moments give people the chance to interact with each other, know each other and support each other. It promotes the general cohesion of a diverse society and helps people better embrace and respect their differences.

How To Get In touch With SSA

Do you want to partner with the association to provide a range of support services? Do you want to volunteer in one of the association’s departments? Maybe you want to find out how you can benefit from sport training and become a world class champion.

You can always check out their official website for tips and insights into sports awareness, promotion and participation. You can always call Scottish Sports Association Contact Tel: 0844 850 0143 if you do not find the specific information you need on the website. Remember that 0844 numbers may attract extra call charge that can go up to 7p every minute.



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